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PME is Impeller (turbine) water meter with dry register for residential use with sizes range  from 5/8” to 2” . It’s designed to meet with AWWA C708  standards  and with NSF-61 certification.



Water flows through the meter’s strainer (inlet and internal) and into the measuring chamber where it drives the impeller. A driving magnet transmits the movement of the impeller to a driven magnet located within the sealed register. The magnet is connected to a gear train which translates the impeller rotates into volume totalizers displayed on the register dial face.



PME Multi-jet with dry type register top loaded water meter consists of three basic components: main case, measuring chamber and a head ring. The main cases of all sizes are made of ECO brass Alloy.



  • All the Materials that are in contact with water are carefully selected, which are resist to corrosion;

  • The body and the couplings that touch water are made of Brass Alloy or ECO Brass Alloy;

  • Cold water meter under current standard for lower than 30℃(T30), but PME can be

  • used safely in water temperature up to 50℃(T50);

  • The impellers are the only moving parts that are in contact with water, which allows high level of stability;

  • The extra inlet filter at the inlet of the meter body allows cleaning it without breaking the metrological seal;

  • The Magnetic Protection allows to against external influences;

  • Non Return Valve to avoid the reserve flow Rate.

Dial Plate Design in USG (m3 and CF AS OPTION):


*L1: the total length with connection and the gasket without compression.

Option: Dn50 with Flange Ends and in Brass body

Main Technical Data:

Max. Permission Error:

Within the normal flow rate range is ± 1.5%;

Atlow flow rate is ± 3%.



  • The Pulse Emitter Device consists of a plastic housing with Reed Switch, and 1.5 m cable with 2 cores in Red and Black.

  • Option with 2 reed switches and 1.5 m cable with 3 cores in Red, Black and Blue;

  • Electric Data: Vmax=24AC/DC; Imax=0,01A

  • Capacity of the Pulse Emitter:

Catalogue PME sd